Friday, March 31, 2017

Fun necklace

A cheap long chain and 3 stone beads from Walmart. 
All I did some wire wrapping the stones and attaching the chain to ends. 
With a clasp in the back, a small chain is ready to wear.
The project took less than 10 minutes only. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Button Bracelet

There are some cute buttons in my stash.
I was having them for a while.
Then I saw a black elastic, which came with a shoe.
Together, got an idea.
It is just a momentary thing.

It is a bracelet. The knot is under the orange button.

There, it is, on my hand. The funky little bracelet made in two minutes!
Will you put such a bracelet on your hand, in public?

Feeling sick

I was starting to feel a bit of tired yesterday. Then there was throat irritation. The headache...

I was coming up with a cold. I still fell it. Still have slight headache. Took one Tylenol extra strength yesterday night. Then lot of water and tea.
today also, i am taking a lot of warm water. No tablets today. We have this Tetley Ayurvedic balance tea. It seems helpful.
 A common cold is very irritating  to suffer.
How you live with cold? Any home remedies?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Morning

It is still dark outside.
 Sun thinks to have a peek
Sky getting ready to awaken.
City lights ready to sleep

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Sunday Funday

It was Sunday. We were near University of Waterloo. There was this drumming noise.  On the side of the road, this guy was drumming on the bucket placed over his head.

I am not sure he was a performing busker.  Took a picture of him and I just went on with the life.

When retuned to Toronto, we got some takeout from Mr.John's Kerala take out. We bought Chicken biriyani and fish fry. It was really good. The fish fry got cold when we reached home. Blame it on the cold and windy weather.

Simply Living

There are tons of blogs. then why not add one more to the pile? It will be just fun, and may be un noticed. Cool. So, here is my simply living blog

Idly and thoughts about cooking

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