Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Idly and thoughts about cooking

The weather is getting warmer. That also means, time to try idly and dosa in kitchen.
The fermented foods of Kerala needs warm weather. 
I made it in the easy way. Got the raw rice flour and Urad dal from SpiceLand. Socked the urad dal and ground to a paste. Then mixed with the raw rice flour. 
1 cup of urad dal and two cups of raw rice flour was my ratio. 

There is a trick to the mixing:
first you grind the dal. Add the raw rice flour to the dal, adding water little by little to make the desired consistency.  If more water added at the beginning, the rice flour tend to give lumps. 
That is when idly taken out of the mold. I packed some in hubby's lunch box. It was placed on a bed of chickpea curry.
The traditional method is to serve with sambar or coconut chutney. I wanted to have some protein also in the dish.That is why the chickpeas. Maybe with egg or meat next time...

The funny thing is to make idly or dosa you have to think ahead. The dal and rice should be socked for atleast 8 hours before grinding. The mixed flour has to sit for another 8 hours to ferment. So, to make  a breakfast tomorrow, you should start acting in the morning today. You need to remember to grind the dal and rice in the evening. You have to mix it and let it stand overnight. make sure it is fermented enough to cook in the morning. 
Whoever discovered that one it may not be a woman. I believe puttu and idiappam/string hoppers were discovered by women. You can make the rice flour and roast it ahead. The roasted rice flour is good to store for longer times. That frees up your brain to think of other things, just saying...
Do you agree or disagree with me? You know, you can post comments.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

My thoughts about Malala and education

Malala is a popular young girl, who devote her life for girls education.
She is only nineteen! so young, right? But she had already faced death. There is a constant reminder of that incident is on her face. Have you noticed the side of her mouth?
I always wonder how a father and mother can take the pain of their precious child being the target of militants. If they have to choose between life or education, most ordinary people will choose life: I think. 
Not Malala and her father. When some one stands up against the odds, then the success will come searching for them. 
In her speech she asked our Prime Minister to do more on educating refugee girls. I saw a lot of criticism against it on Facebook. 
I heard of a village in India speak only Sanskrit. Can't remember the name of the village now. But, I read how it happened. The people behind the idea started with women of the village. Women were taught common words in life, like broom, knife etc in Sanskrit. They were instructed to say that words to their kids. Then were taught words for vegetables and grocery. Those words were written on the items on the grocery shelf. The women really helped the entire village to speak Sanskrit, which is not a living language at that time. so, it is the women who has the real power to change the whole world. 
Now, think of the religious fanatics, against educating girls. The only way to suppress a society is to suppress the women.   There, you and I got why the islamic terrorists tried to kill a young girl :and why she is still under threat. 

If a refugee girl is given education, it is going to help her think freely. It will make her to make the life better for the people around her. 
I really appreciate  her efforts. I believe, world should help educate females all over the world instead of putting more money to create bombs. 
Do you agree with me?

Weekend in kitchen

It is already Easter. Weather is getting warmer.
I really wanted to try planting some veggies this year.
The weekend is really relaxing.
I was cooking. When I say I was cooking, that means, me and my husband were having some fun time in the kitchen.
We made a sambar. We got this root veggies called chena/yam. Removing the skin of that one can make your hands very itchy. My husband can handle it without much trouble. So he was in charge of chena.We had carrots, drumsticks(muringakkai) and okra to go along with it.
Then it was my fun time in kitchen today with green beans and purple cabbage.
Want to see my purple cabbage??
All chopped up and ready to cook. 
I added one chopped onion, few green chillies and couple of cloves of garlic. To make it a "thoran", I used jeera powder,  salt, and fenugreek powder. Of course, I added salt. See, I didn't use any coconut at all.  That is the main difference from the traditional Kerala cooking. 

But, I added coconut to beans thoran though. Got frozen scrapped coconut. 

The next thing on my to do list is to make idli. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Last weekend

I was sick during last week. Infact, I am still feeling little sick.
Got irritated throat, then cough. 
Seems like many people have the same symptoms. 
I bought the Nighttime total. It is a Life brand thing, with lemon flavour equivalent to Neocitran.

It made me sleep well. Taste is fine too.  Life brand is less expensive than Neocitran. I think, it taste better. I bought some cough drops too. 

When I came from work on Saturday, there was no power and water. Power came back around 6pm. But there was no water. we had to buy dinner from outside. By the time we finished dinner, water came too. 
Anyway, with cough drops and Night time total, I am feeling better now. 

Loving Kindness meditation

I am reading a book called "Tools of Titans". The book says a meditation practice called Loving Kindness meditation.
It seems very simple.
think of two people randomly . In you mind you just wish them happiness.
That is it. It will take only a few seconds.

people who done that says they become happier. Now, i am going to try this for a week. If it makes me happy or not, will let you know.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Roasted Eggplant

It is already April!!!
But, still it is cold. There is more snow predicted. 
Usually this time, the shops will have a garden center. Not this year.
But, the grocery store had zucchinis and eggplants and all. Hubs bought eggplants over the weekend. 

They were so pretty and fresh. 

I made roasted eggplants. It was easy to make. The recipe is made up along the way.

Cut them in cubes. No need to scoop the inside out. That is the beauty of my cooking. 

Line the baking sheet with aluminum foil. 
Spread a bit of oil on it. I used Canola. But any cooking oil will do. Spread the cubed eggplants on the sheet.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper. Sprinkle some more oil on top. Add some herbs of your choice. 
I had rosemary and thyme. Used both.
Place in the oven at 350 degree. In about half an hour it will give you the aroma. You can taste one. ( You won't burn you hand or mouth, right) . It must be cooked. If you want a bit more cooked, add a few more minutes of cooking time. 

It was easy. I didn't have to stay in the kitchen to watch it either. 
Do you roast veggies? Do you add spices or herbs? 

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fun necklace

A cheap long chain and 3 stone beads from Walmart. 
All I did some wire wrapping the stones and attaching the chain to ends. 
With a clasp in the back, a small chain is ready to wear.
The project took less than 10 minutes only. 

Idly and thoughts about cooking

The weather is getting warmer. That also means, time to try idly and dosa in kitchen. The fermented foods of Kerala needs warm weather.  I...