Sunday, April 16, 2017

Weekend in kitchen

It is already Easter. Weather is getting warmer.
I really wanted to try planting some veggies this year.
The weekend is really relaxing.
I was cooking. When I say I was cooking, that means, me and my husband were having some fun time in the kitchen.
We made a sambar. We got this root veggies called chena/yam. Removing the skin of that one can make your hands very itchy. My husband can handle it without much trouble. So he was in charge of chena.We had carrots, drumsticks(muringakkai) and okra to go along with it.
Then it was my fun time in kitchen today with green beans and purple cabbage.
Want to see my purple cabbage??
All chopped up and ready to cook. 
I added one chopped onion, few green chillies and couple of cloves of garlic. To make it a "thoran", I used jeera powder,  salt, and fenugreek powder. Of course, I added salt. See, I didn't use any coconut at all.  That is the main difference from the traditional Kerala cooking. 

But, I added coconut to beans thoran though. Got frozen scrapped coconut. 

The next thing on my to do list is to make idli. 

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