Sunday, April 16, 2017

My thoughts about Malala and education

Malala is a popular young girl, who devote her life for girls education.
She is only nineteen! so young, right? But she had already faced death. There is a constant reminder of that incident is on her face. Have you noticed the side of her mouth?
I always wonder how a father and mother can take the pain of their precious child being the target of militants. If they have to choose between life or education, most ordinary people will choose life: I think. 
Not Malala and her father. When some one stands up against the odds, then the success will come searching for them. 
In her speech she asked our Prime Minister to do more on educating refugee girls. I saw a lot of criticism against it on Facebook. 
I heard of a village in India speak only Sanskrit. Can't remember the name of the village now. But, I read how it happened. The people behind the idea started with women of the village. Women were taught common words in life, like broom, knife etc in Sanskrit. They were instructed to say that words to their kids. Then were taught words for vegetables and grocery. Those words were written on the items on the grocery shelf. The women really helped the entire village to speak Sanskrit, which is not a living language at that time. so, it is the women who has the real power to change the whole world. 
Now, think of the religious fanatics, against educating girls. The only way to suppress a society is to suppress the women.   There, you and I got why the islamic terrorists tried to kill a young girl :and why she is still under threat. 

If a refugee girl is given education, it is going to help her think freely. It will make her to make the life better for the people around her. 
I really appreciate  her efforts. I believe, world should help educate females all over the world instead of putting more money to create bombs. 
Do you agree with me?

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